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50*FiftyComix exist to give purpose to all those freelance, and "basement" illustrators and writers who have a vision of developing the next big comic. From Stan Lee, Frank Miller, even Junichi Masuda and Konami, we aim to be as big as their voices and vision.

50*Fifty in part, represents the two founding brothers of the company, Lee Johnson and Leonce Hall. Neither brother were raised together, but their love for meaningful storytelling and creative expressions were undeniable even at a early age. The two would finally link up and merge both skill sets together. Leonce the wordsmith and poet, and Lee his illustrative counterbalance. 

The duo would expand into a trio adding Lee's college friend Lynnesha Hamilton as the companies COO. Lynnesha a fan girl herself, loved talking comics from day one. Her ability to organize, plan, and push the team is unmatched; and has provided a needed boost to the team. 


Here at 50*Fifty Comix we stand strong in our hopes of developing an entertaining series, that not only creates a following, but in turn pays respect to our comic four-fathers and gifts the people with a message. That message is of our connectivity to each other and this planet.  


Art By- Heather Bullins

"There are problems bigger than the problems we create right here on earth, and its up to us to recognize them and make others take notice"      -Lee Johnson

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