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Hey, I'm Jessie! By day I am a Registered Massage Therapist, helping people heal. By night I am Canadian based comic colorist and writer. 


What got you into creating comics?:

The X-Men, the whole experience from picking a comic off the shelf and seeing the many facets to you favorite comic character. But it wasn't until the pandemic that I able to be a part of the creative process, 50*fifty found me 4yrs ago and gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. This goes to show not every random message you get on instagram, pertaining to work, is a scam! 


Who is your favorite comicbook/manga character?: 

I get asked this a lot and I give different answers every time, I love a plethora of characters from Light Yagami in deathnote to Wolverine in the X-Men. It's the complexity of a Character that draws me in, cause when you boil it down they are simply people who decided to help someone on a Tuesday. 


If you could have one power or ability what would it be?: 

Influence; to have the ability to change their world or the world with nothing more than words is a flex. 



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