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Bio: I’m  Lynnesha Hamilton, a proud "boys' mom" and advocate for creativity with our youth. 

 Q: What got you into creating comics?

A:  Growing up it was the Sunday Funnies, as I explored more comics and graphic novels it was deemed xmen and the ideas of differences and abilities alone were a hook to find my passion for fantasy writing. I enjoy drawing a bit but only as a pastime.


Q: Who is your favorite comic book/manga character?

A:  My favorite Comic book Character is always Harley "Harlene Quinzette" Quinn. There is something about the untold truths of her character and story that always keeps me wanting more. 

 Q: If you could have one power or ability what would it be? 

A:  My one ability is time. As I watch my children grow before my eyes theirs never enough time to enjoy the little moments, and everyone is always in a rush to get to the next thing it's an imbalance of time and self-care that if not tended to will destroy us. 

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