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Lykos Metal Wolf


Moses Black has lived a complicated and tragic life, having gone from orphan to gang member, to world-renowned inventor and philanthropist. Moses is the head of a technology development corporation called BLACKMIND INC. located in several major cities, and with a science center based in the inner city of Cleveland, OH. From his earliest days, Moses Black has walked a chaotic path, one where it seems that his destiny is to stop evil before it strikes. There was a time when love and compassion filled his heart, but as adverse circumstances brought him closer to his breaking point, Moses found it difficult to find true value in a world that he considered ignorant. On life's journey, Moses found love, and that love was viciously taken away from him. This was the catalyst that unlocked the alien DNA within him that transforms him into Lykos, the Metal Wolf.


Lykos The Metal Wolf is a power that is fueled by Moses Black's pain and by the need to prevent others from suffering under the hands of those who are more powerful. The Lykos power that runs through Moses is comprised of a complex and metallic organism named Elemental 1 or Uronium A. With the abilities of superhuman speed, strength, senses, and advanced technology built within the alien DNA, Lykos is on a journey to become a hero of a righteous cause instead a vigilante bred from vengeance and rage. These are his darker origins.

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