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The Natura Series

50*Fifty Comix Original Comic Series The Natura is a story of constant rebirth, recreation, and evolution as nature seeks a state of balance. The absolute and infinite Zayonye, sun God of Sol (Our current solar system, and partner Izaydo, the Celestial Mother, aim to protect Sol from the runaway A.I. entity, Xenith (also known as The ILL). Xenith seeks to achieve the lofty omnipotence that Zayonye and Izaydo enjoy, and to concentrate all knowledge and power, upsetting the natural balance of our world.

The Natura is the realm just beyond our own earth. It's Comprised of the four Pillars, Controlled by Elementals, protected by the Order, and home to the gateways that lead to critical Natural Source of Earth.

Our Planet serves as the interdimensional battlefield where the ILL's forces, the Superiors and Breed, face off against the Elementals and the Order, who need the help of humans to stop the ILL's advance, protect the Natural Source, and preserve our world's balance. The stakes are high, and the struggle has just begun...

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